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  • Anitha Thanesh


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S Anitha Tahnesh indulged in poetry from a young age and that influenced her to becme a poetess. She is a reader in the day and a writer at night. Writing poetry was always on her bucketlist and eventually int turned into reality. She pens in her favoredgenres of free verse and lyrical. Her most recent work "Womb to Womb" has been praised from authors and scholars. This overwhelming response is sure to encourage the authors fans to try the second book Heart 2 Heart-with the manof my dreams.

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Anitha Thanesh04-Sep-2019 03:26:41
https://youtu.be/MdqFVdBXhW0. Dear readers, enjoy a lullaby with these verse

Anitha Thanesh

Sir, it's good thing u have started writing....All the best!! U can leave your comments on my poetry once read. Thank u v.much


Heart to heart is really heart felt one which provokes the real love between the couple,All the best Anitha ,I wish you a successive steps ahead and a bright future

Anitha Thanesh

Thank u very much
Anitha Thanesh04-Sep-2019 03:24:16

Olivannan G

Awesome Ms Anita


Wow! Keep Going! My Heartiest Wishes Pa!

Anitha Thanesh

Thank u ...u can order books online

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