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This is the journey Between two hearts, Growing together As mother and son, A fetal to the old, From womb to tomb, Where love begins and ends Exploring bond between mother and son With pain, pleasure and perseverance.

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Anitha Thanesh

About the Author: S Anitha Tahnesh indulged in poetry from a young age and that influenced her to becme a poetess. She is a reader in the day and a writer at night. Writing poetry was always on her bucketlist and eventually int turned into reality. She pens in her favoredgenres of free verse and lyrical. Her most recent work "Womb to Womb" has been praised from authors and scholars. This overwhelming response is sure to encourage the authors fans to try the second book Heart 2 Heart-with the manof my dreams..

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Sushmita V20-Jun-2020 12:12:29
Good evening ma'am
I read your work "Womb To Tomb, A mother's heart to her son". It indeed was a great one and hoped I could use this platform to ask for your take on a few very prevailing issues globally.
What do you think of the gender roles imposed in children in a very young age by their parents? Similarly, I'd also like to ask forbyiur opinion on how mothers in law are usually portrayed as agents of patriarchy in almost all media ? Lastly, your thoughts on abortion and female infanticides ma'am.
Thank you !
Jyothis Anne George23-Jan-2020 02:25:55
Hi Ma'am, I have read this book of poems. I found it to have glorified motherhood, bringing out the idea of an ideal mother as well as the relationship shared.
Here is a review of the book:
"Womb To Tomb : A mother's heart to her son' by Anitha Thanesh is an anthology of poems presenting motherhood and the beautiful bond that is shared between a mother and her son. From carrying a child to giving birth and accompanying him through his walk of life into adulthood and beyond, the book is a profusion of emotions and feelings experienced by a mother. Life lessons and lessons a son must learn, are also imparted within this collection.
Thanesh brings out the exhilarating journey of being a mother, writing about the joys she lived and reminisces, even when the end is met. "Son you are dead & alive in my heart. I am alive & dead with memories". With the birth of her son, she believes she has been reborn. The phases of a man's life is also put across light heartedly and lovingly from a mother's point of view. A mother's desire and wish for being a perfect son is seen as she imparts the wisdom on how to be a gentleman, how to face the world and how to treat a woman right.
As written by Thanesh herself, a mother would always have her motherly instincts, looking at her son as her little child, despite his age. From personal experiences and those which she gathered, she has put together the beauty of motherhood and does not fail to cease the readers to wonder about the same.
Olivannan G04-Sep-2019 02:55:43
I know you have made videos of you rendering your poems Ms. Anita...Would you please post it here for the benefit of readers ?
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