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Heart 2 Heart - with the man of my dreams is in connection with the two hearts sharing love - its triumphs and tribulations. This is about the voice and moods of lovers. It gives you pleasure when you have similar experiences and pain if you recall the sorrowful phase. In case of neither, still the first half of the book gives readers a delightful experience of proposals, hugs, kisses, romance & lovemaking whether young or old. The concept of loving and waiting for love remains enthralling and so does the second half of the Heart 2 Heart.

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Anitha Thanesh

About the Author: S Anitha Tahnesh indulged in poetry from a young age and that influenced her to becme a poetess. She is a reader in the day and a writer at night. Writing poetry was always on her bucketlist and eventually int turned into reality. She pens in her favoredgenres of free verse and lyrical. Her most recent work "Womb to Womb" has been praised from authors and scholars. This overwhelming response is sure to encourage the authors fans to try the second book Heart 2 Heart-with the manof my dreams..

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K J Francis21-Sep-2019 08:55:16
Dear Ms Anitha Thanesh, I tried to buy copy of Heart to Heart fascinated by the write up . But my unfamiliarity with e-service stymied the plan. I suppose, as the write up implies, it is a romantic poem. I may be able to say more on it when the book reaches me. Thank you very much. K J Francis

Anitha Thanesh

Hello sir. For your convenience , theres a purchase option in this blog just below the book ..u can click the purchase option n proceed with it...if not pls let me know so that will give u even better option. And u r right that H2H its explores love n lust.
Pooja16-Sep-2019 04:20:27
Hello mam,what influenced you to write poems at very young age??

Anitha Thanesh

Hi pooja... thank u for reminding my first footsteps as poetess. .when I was around 12 years old, I suddenly came out with interesting friends used those verses for greeting cards. whenever I read it, i was really happy and then I started writing more....n my journey as poetess began .......
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