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The book endeavours to capture the flowing thoughts that ensue from a poet's mind that encompass themes of varied nature. Poetry lovers shall find the book enthralling as well as inspiring.

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Mohammed Farhatullah

About the Author: Mohammed Farhatullah is currently working as an Assistant Professor of English at The New College, Chennai. His love for literature has placed him withing the sphere of teaching and his sheer passion for poetry provided great impetus for publishing his book..

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Mohammad Shafiq Shafaq12-Jun-2020 05:02:55
Hello sir!
I am one of literature student, can you tell me about recieving the book, and just to point its content, I am going to read the book, is it in English?

Mohammed Farhatullah

Hello. If you are asking about its content, it is a poetry book. It is available online. Here is the link to purchase the book
And yes the book is in English. Happy reading!!
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