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“Rochelle has the haibuneer’s gift of vivid succinctness: ‘Manojji is a curious man. His eyes and ears are always shifting.’ The author could be describing herself, who and what she is—her senses alive, feeding on each other, wanting nothing more than to capture our world in the honey-trap of words, a world that is slipping away from us: autumn whirlwind . . . / a child grabs at her / candy floss.” Gabriel Rosenstock “There is something very unique about Paper Asylum that continues to draw you in. . . . Some of the haiku in this collection would be standouts on their own, but when combined with her fine-toned prose they just sing the haibun form. . . . A wonderful read indeed!” Michael Rehling “Rochelle Potkar is the ideal travel companion—adaptive, incisive, witty—and in Paper Asylum she invites us to pay closer attention to our surroundings, with delightful results.” Christopher Merrill

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Rochelle Potkar

About the Author: Author of The Arithmetic of breasts and other stories, Four Degrees of Separation, Paper Asylum. Website - https://rochellepotkar.com/.

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