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About the Author: Poet, Writer and Fine Artist. Finished Engineering, did two Masters, one in computer applications and another in Psychology. A psychological counsellor, I am writing in Tamil literature for the past fifteen years and authored nine books including two short story collections. 250 Words.

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Ranjusha28-Aug-2020 06:54:35
Hello mam. This is thebest poetry collection and I am a beginner in writing poems and this book has given me the motivation to write more mam. The line,"Cooked and dressed up" simple, yet deep and I personally love this line so much as it connects somewhere. Each word, that you have chosen are decorating every line and it touches me. Thank you so much mam.
S. PREETHI28-Aug-2020 10:55:35
Greetings Madam, This book is a great collection of poems in simple language and style. It explores various themes. It brings out the struggles faced by women and it is portrayed in a very good manner. Throughout the book, I felt the positivity. Best wishes for your upcoming works madam.
Sharon S27-Aug-2020 03:16:17
Hello mam, I read your book 'I Named the Village'. It is so simple and easy to understand. Every poem is unique in its own way. The poems like The street child, Night is mine and Mortal man has deeper thoughts in it. I enjoyed reading your book. Thank you for this beautiful collection of poems mam.
Sajoe Monica27-Aug-2020 02:33:57
Hello mam. This collection is intricate and simple at the same time. I enjoyed reading because of its natural imagery. The way you expressed the silenced soul of suppressed was amazing. This collection is a reminder that every voice matters. Thank you mam for this accurate representation of reality.
M.Manoranjani20-Jun-2020 01:10:48
A great collection in simple language and striking theme. You became a voice for many who silenced . Best wishes for your upcoming works
Rishiga Ramesh19-Jun-2020 07:42:50
Hi mam! This vibrant collection of poetry is straightforward. The language is simple and some poems are so deep that readers could personally connect to it. Your choice of words was so good. Mam, I just wanted to know, being a master degree holder in Computer Applications and Psychology, what has inspired you to become a writer?
Maanbu19-Jun-2020 05:03:27
Good evening, ma'am! I just read your book "I Named the Village". I liked the way you've acted as a voice for the oppressed beings who are almost always overlooked. Thank you for a short, but effective read.
Pooja S.N.19-Jun-2020 04:13:43
Hii ma'am...have gone through your "I named the village". A nice collection of poems. It speaks about various themes. Got impressed by your languages used in your poems which were very helpful to understand. In this poems u also spoke about women and violence in its simple way. Such a good collection of urs ma'am.
Thank you.
A.Jency gnana precilla19-Jun-2020 03:26:25
Hi mam... I liked your collection of poems in this book."I named the village". I come to know about the emotional struggle of women. Your language was so simple and it was to easy to understand. You brought out the power of women by your writing. Thank you for this wonderful book.
Priyadharshini. B19-Jun-2020 11:17:02
Hellooo ma'am... Just now read your "I named the Village". It is just worth reading. The words and the languages used in it were very easy to understand. I mostly prefer short stories than poems. But after reading your poetry collection I felt good, that poems can also be written in simple words. Especially, I loved " Moms never quit ,wait of the man and night of a widow". Just loved all these... Thank you ma'am.
Angela Vashni. M28-May-2020 05:35:38
Hello ma'am I recently read you poetry collection ' I named the village'. It is an amazing collection of poem with simple language to understand and appreciate. The poems captured the inner emotion and struggles of women. My favourite poems are I named the village,Night is mine, Unspoken. I enjoyed reading the poems. Thank you ma'am


Thank you for reading and the appreciable comment. 'Night is Mine' is the one I liked for its creepiness. Its not re-edited, a second time. Thanks again..
Janaki P.B.28-May-2020 05:16:17
Hello ma'am, I am deeply impressed by all your poems. Each poem is a unique one. You have handled and portrayed well about nature, its significance , unchanging attitude...I really enjoyed the book . Read it slowly and carefully. Easily understandable for all. Each poem carries a different mood and impact on me. I wish to expect more and more books from you ma'am. Undoubtedly you are an amazing writer.


My pleasure to hear. Thank you..

Janaki P.B.

Pleasure is mine madam. Thank you mam.
Vaishnavi K28-May-2020 04:55:44
Hello Mam, I just now took a thorough glance of "I named the village". I am still amused by the use of simple yet magnificient terms in each and every poem. My personal favorite is "Wait of a Woman" in which you have brilliantly brought out the sufferings of a young woman, who is staying far away from her husband. That particular poem was very elegant and spellbound. Wishing you a wonderful writing journey ahead. Thank you!


Thank you for getting back to me. Your appreciable words are encouraging one. Thanks again..
Jeevanthika K28-May-2020 04:54:12
Hello Madam,
The collection of poems are good and vibrant. It speaks out the emotions from our experiences in our life. The poems bring out the perfect visual background while reading it. Some poems are close to my heart and relates to my own life. I personally like the poem "Moms never quit" it is relevant to my mom especially. Thank u for these beautiful and unique poems with elegant verbal expressions.


Yes, true.. "Moms never quit" is a good one and Moms wont quit also. Thank you for the valuable comment.
Rapila Herin T28-May-2020 04:45:22
Hi ma'am, I read your book 'I named the village', your writing style is simple and realistic. I like the way you present the serious issues compared with nature. I really like the poem 'Sage' because of its great message -'Do not interfere in the business of others'. I wish you have a successful journey in this field.


Thank you for the wish and comments.
Nandhinee28-May-2020 04:39:26
From the start, till the end, it was so good and interesting ma'am. It stands as an eye-opening for who always depends on male chauvinistic perspectives. Especially, the poems like "Boots and Naked" and Wait of a Woman is tremendous ma'am. Personally, I love the poem "Me" and "Pink".


Good to point the society the necessary needs. Portraying women's issues and emotions through the poems is also one among them. Thank you for the valuable words of you.
Charumathi28-May-2020 04:34:13
Dear mam,
This is an interesting and thoughtful collection of poems dealing with various strong themes in a subtle way. The titles of the poems are catchy and kindled the interest to read futher. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work, mam. Best wishes for you to produce many more meaningful works as this.


Thank you for your appreciation.
Jayashree28-May-2020 02:07:52
Dear Mam
I recently read your collection of poetry, titled 'I Named The Village'. I would like to say I was pleasantly surprised to find the mention of Sidney Sheldon in the preface, as I am currently reading his novel 'The Naked Face'.
The poem titled 'PINK' took quite a turn for me, for in my eyes, I've always had a positive inclination towards the visually pleasing color.
Dew was also an excellent poem to read for a romantic like me. My other favorites include 'Colours' and 'You Being', both for their inexplicable softness.
Overall, it felt like I was taking a walk along the pavement yet on a rollercoaster at the same time. Thank you for the unique experience.


I am being a vivid reader of Sidney Shelton and read several times the book, 'The Naked Face'. Sailing on the same boat. Thank you for the reading and commenting back. Thanks again.
Olive Anand28-May-2020 01:20:25
Hello Ma’am,
Iv been reading you collection of poems ‘I Named the Village ‘ recently. Really enjoyed reading the poems. They were simple and easy to understand and very touching. My favourite ones are I named the Village and Boots and Naked.
Thank you


Thank you ..
Merlin Ephsi M28-May-2020 11:22:39
A wonderful collection of simplicity and clarity. Most of the poems give an expression to the inner man! It was wonderful to read the poems.
Thank you, ma'am.


Great and Feel good to hear. Thank you a lot..
Maheswary Balakrishnan27-May-2020 08:46:46
Hello mam, I recently read your poem " I named the village". This poem is very nd really touched my heart because of the inner emotions and nature of the story. Please do continue your work mam. Thank you


Thank you for reading and giving the feedback. Sure do..
Deepika Thangaravi26-May-2020 10:29:38
Hello ma’am! I recently read your collection of poems “I named the village”. All of the poems talked about the inner struggles and inner emotions of a person. The language was simple, elegant and striking. Some impressions from the poem is still fresh in my heart and mind. I’m really happy that I got a chance to read your work. You are a great poet. Please do continue your good work


Great pleasure and thankful to you.
Sure I'll continue writing poetry. Thank you again.

Deepika Thangaravi

Thank you for the reply ma’am!
Ruth Miriam Varghese23-Jan-2020 03:03:09
Hello ma'am, I have read your poetry collection, 'I Named the Village'. Every poem in the collection is as good as the other. I had a great time reading the poems .
Review of I Named the Village by Ahila:
I Named The Village is a collection of poems written by Ahila. Ms. Ahila is a poet, author, fine artist as well as a psychologist. An ardent Tamil writer, she has written nine books including two collections of short stories over a period of fifteen years. Ms. Ahila have been awarded with the Creative Writing Award from Nerunji Literary Movement for her book Nintru Thuditha Ithayam
The collection comprises poems of varying themes ranging from pastoral poetry to poetry drawing attention to the contemporary women’s issues.
Poems such as Where Goes The Shepherd, Pronouced and Rain Ate The Silence are rich in nature imageries that have the ability to appeal all the human senses. Verses such as Boots and Naked and I Named The Village focuses on the issues related to women like women’s liberation, violence and so on. At the same time there are poems that focus on simple human emotions like desire, longing, emptiness and so on seen in the poems like Babbler, Colours, Metal Man and so on.
In short, Ms. Ahila's collection of poems are beautiful and interesting to read.


Greetings !
So nice of you. I place my sincere gratitude for the reading and reviewing by you.
My honest preparation of the poems for this book yields the good, I guess. The silence and the women issues, which are the main core of the book, brought up well in your review.
Thank You again..
~ Ahila
Pooja13-Sep-2019 03:13:08
Good afternoon mam. I have read your poems. It is a nice collection. Can you please share what made you select 'I named the Village' as the poem??


Thank you for the review.
I guess you are asking about selecting that poem for title.
Women have to face the curse of living from the birth itself. Female infanticide is a problem to be addressed. We are also the human species who have all the rights of living on this earth. Taboos like girl children are burden, girls must be married off soon are to be removed. Urban and rural women face different type of societal issues. On the point of addressing this, I selected this poem for title.
Thank you once again. ?


Thank you so much for your reply mam.
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