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About the Author: Poet, Writer and Fine Artist. Finished Engineering, did two Masters, one in computer applications and another in Psychology. A psychological counsellor, I am writing in Tamil literature for the past fifteen years and authored nine books including two short story collections. 250 Words.

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Pooja13-Sep-2019 03:13:08
Good afternoon mam. I have read your poems. It is a nice collection. Can you please share what made you select 'I named the Village' as the poem??


Thank you for the review.
I guess you are asking about selecting that poem for title.
Women have to face the curse of living from the birth itself. Female infanticide is a problem to be addressed. We are also the human species who have all the rights of living on this earth. Taboos like girl children are burden, girls must be married off soon are to be removed. Urban and rural women face different type of societal issues. On the point of addressing this, I selected this poem for title.
Thank you once again. ?


Thank you so much for your reply mam.
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