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Where the East and the West Meet

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Where the East and the West Meet unequivocally establishes the striking similarities in the work of William Wordsworth and Rabindranath Tagore with respect to Poetry, Nature, God and Man. The book analyzes their poetry in the light of Sanskrit poetics and substantiates that there is a perfect coordination between Sanskrit poetics and their poetry. Where the East and the West Meet discusses cogently the philosophy of Wordsworth and Tagore that upholds the integrity of Man, and that restores Man to his genuine province. It details how they uphold the metaphysical correspondence between Nature and the spirit of man. The book shows how Wordsworth subscribes to the teachings of the Upanishads when he speaks of an experience of a direct encounter with the spirit of the universe; how Tagore beholds the stamp of God in nature. Where the East and the West Meet demonstrates the bond between the East and the West in a language that is academic but lucid.

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KJ Francis

About the Author: Dr. K J Francis is a retired Associate Professor. A few poems from this collection were published in Indian Literature, a Sahitya Akademi’s Bi-monthly Journal. He writes short stories in Malayalam but not yet published..

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K J Francis20-Jan-2020 07:18:20
A good book is like a gem hidden in the depths. It needs a sahrdaya to expose it. Rex Sir, you have exposed it.
K J Francis20-Jan-2020 07:15:27
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From: rex isaacs <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2020 at 12:22 PM
The book titled “Where the East and the West Meet” needs serious reading because the content is quite deep.The author probes deep into a comparison between Wordsworth and Tagore trying to find references in Vedas and Upanishads.
EM Foster and Rudyard Kipling have made certain attempts in a superficial way and arrived at the conclusion that The East and West can never meet.
This book contradicts the above.
P. G Tomy16-Jan-2020 11:30:06
Dr.K.J. Francis' book 'where the east and the west meet' gives an insight into the similarities in the literary creations of Rabrindranath Tagore and William Wordsworth in respect of poetry,nature,God and man. One of the similarities is that both of them wrote in a language that is easily understood by common man which means they made poetry more democratic.
It is a very useful book for the learners. I appreciate the author of the book for putting immense effort in composing the book. I wish him well.

K J Francis

Thank you very much Tomy. Yes, it took me years. Full time on it after my retirement in 2012. In fact I started working on it soon after PhD was awarded to me in 2005. It's an academic work. I wanted it to be in perfect shape. My argument was where or how does the West and the East meet. I have established it. Those are the key issues that agitate man. We shall have more discussions once you finish reading my book.
Incidentally, I had a talk with Rex Isaacs from Chennai. He is reading my books.
With regards
K J Francis
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