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Moondrops - A Journey of Incantation

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Poetry is the distillation of subtle thoughts expressed in abstract words conveying communication from the consciousness of one individual to the other. Intellectual deliberations may not fathom the poetic element completely and remain in understanding the peripheral expressions. An experience that transcends the senses will have poesy brimming in each and every phrase and it will be a delightful experience to read, relish and recapitulate.

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About the Author: Devasena R, born in 1993, lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She did her under and post graduate from Anna Adarsh College for Women, affiliated to the University of Madras and is currently a PhD scholar at Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai. The young poetess subscribes to Wordsworth’s ideology and believes that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of feelings and emotions. Her flair for writing from a tender age has culminated in this volume of poetry, Moondrops, her debut collection..

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Betsy Jenifer27-Jan-2020 02:06:13
Hello, ma'am, I have read your book "Moondrops A Journey of Incantation".

Moondrops: A Journey of Incantation by Devasena. R is a collection of poems that attempts to range from emotional to mystical in its verses.
Each poem is imbued with words hinting at nature or alluding to it. Nature and the art of writing emerge as the poet's ultimate modes of escape. In a couplet titled _Delirious Ignorance_ , the two lines capture what the entire collection thematically expresses:

"In Dreams we dwell
Reality we escape"

Other themes which run as motifs through the book are: the power of language, self and Man.

As mentioned in the foreword by Dr. V. Iraqi Anbu, IAS, the first poem in the collection picturizes the poet's vision best, and remains the most lucid poem in the entire collection.
Devasena19-Nov-2019 10:26:33
beautifully written
Devasena02-Nov-2019 10:33:49
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