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  • Jayashri


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Poetry scientist working in a lab surrounded by test tubes of public policy, refugee policies, mental health, and some kalarippayattu.

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Jayashri02-Sep-2019 04:47:05
HumanKind, a video rendition https://youtu.be/wJTMJqg1zDk


Madam the simple expansion of your human type was wonderful .... Every human being's thoughts and circumstances are making a difference around the world.

Olivannan G

Enjoyed listening.....well done.
Jayashri01-Sep-2019 01:13:19
Would you like to see videos of my poetry?

Olivannan G

Of course yes....please share it.

Olivannan G

Of course yes....please share it.

Olivannan G

I am waiting to see the videos of your poetry Ms. Jayashri
Jayashri30-Aug-2019 06:38:12
http://bit.ly/theglasshalfemptylaunch It was an honour to have my book launched by a beautiful soul , Avis, the happynesswala! Watch us in conversation discussing life, poetry, depression and beauty of life despite holding a half-empty glass


Hope you have a great time watching and listening to it Arul!

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