Quiz for College Students - Limited Edition for Chennai Literary Festival - Winner certificates from CLF in partnership with University of Madras
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Comfort in the submergence of emotions. Submerged yet not suffocating. Unusual comforting moments of void amidst alarming visions, sound, and touch of pain. Not a scientific or literature grab. But an emotion split paper waiting to be critiqued for improvement.

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About the Author: Poetry scientist working in a lab surrounded by test tubes of public policy, refugee policies, mental health, and some kalarippayattu..

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Olivannan G21-Aug-2019 06:56:14
Hello Ms. Jayashri, greetings. Not only as a publisher of the book, but as an avid reader, enjoyed reading your poems. Congratulations for bringing out an emotional and enchanting work.


It has been my pleasure of being an Emerald author!
A lovely journey that will continue forever...
with more books to come

Thank you for your kind words


Thank you for sending me the lectures of your book Madam I will be reading your book soon ...

Olivannan G

Yes it is our privilege and endeavour to work with young and upcoming writers like you. Interestingly you have never given us the impression that you are a beginner.. you acted, behaved like a seasoned writer......your writings also vouch for it
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