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In the words of Jim Rohn “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” His idea is neither an exaggeration nor an understatement rather it is a gospel truth which recounts in a nutshell the benefits of reading. Reading is an essential skill which helps us improve our language skills such as writing, speaking and listening. However, two main factors entail creating a savvy reading community- kindling the readers’ interest to read and facilitating them to cherry pick the suitable articles to read.

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About the Author: Chandrakumar teaches English at Pachaiyappa's College for Men, Kanchipuram, TamilNadu. He specializes in English Language Teaching and Business Communication. He is more into researching on the factors that contribute to improve the reading skills of the kids and the adults. He is open to conduct special sessions to boost the people's interest for reading and facilitate the test takers to score well in the Reading Comprehension Section. For more details about the special sessions, contact the author..

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Dinesh Ganapathi08-Dec-2019 06:57:02
Hello Chandra kumar!! I came to abt ur book through ma uncle, fortunately his name also Chandra kumar... Just brought ur book through online shopping website...I'm a upsc aspirant preparing
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