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  • Chandrakumar

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Chandrakumar teaches English at Pachaiyappa's College for Men, Kanchipuram, TamilNadu. He specializes in English Language Teaching and Business Communication. He is more into researching on the factors that contribute to improve the reading skills of the kids and the adults. He is open to conduct special sessions to boost the people's interest for reading and facilitate the test takers to score well in the Reading Comprehension Section. For more details about the special sessions, contact the author.

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Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:35:23
Dear Readers You may now find the keys and solutions for all the 14 chapters. Specific lines from the passages help you locate the contexts that justify the chosen answer choices.
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:34:15
Keys and solutions- Exercise- 14
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:33:56
Keys and Solutions- Exercise- 13
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:33:38
Keys and Solutions- Exercise-12
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:32:19
Keys and Solutions- Exercise- 11
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:32:02
Keys and solutions- Exercise- 10
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:31:44
keys and Solutions- Exercise-9
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:31:17
Keys and Solutions- Exercise-8
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:30:59
Keys and Solutions- Exercise-7
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:30:35
Keys and Solutions- Exercise-6
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:30:19
Keys and Solutions- Exercise-5
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:17:56
Keys and Solutions- Exercise-4
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:17:32
Keys and Solutions- Exercise-3
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:17:07
Keys and Solutions- Exercise- 2
Chandrakumar30-May-2020 04:16:45
Keys and Solutions- Exercise-1
Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:31:41
Dear Readers You may now access to the keys and solutions for all the 14 exercises in the book. should you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me here.


Sir, You have been seriously kind to have responded this quick. Really appreciate your efforts. Really an amazing book that I have found. If I do well in comprehensions, I would be thankful forever for your precious book. Gem (emerald) seriously! Thank you once again sir.


Thank you so much for your good words madam. It's a really a motivation for me to work on more. Please recommend the book to your friends who may want to learn more about reading. Thank you madam.
Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:29:01

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:28:48

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:28:33

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:28:23

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:28:11

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:28:01

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:27:49

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:27:40

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:27:29

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:27:21

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:26:52

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:26:40

Chandrakumar20-Mar-2020 08:26:28

Chandrakumar11-Mar-2020 08:17:02

Olivannan G

Fantastic video.. Congratulations

Prem kumar.G.M

Just saw the video . It was really good . Best wishes sir !

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