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  • Vignesh Kumar

Autobiography, Family, Short Stories, Young Adults,

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Vignesh Kumar is a Mumbai based writer, currently working as Digital Marketing Intern in an agency. He belongs to a South Indian Family & native place is in Kerala. He occasionally loves to cook. His Favorite Author is Paulo Coelho

What Inspired Him To Write The Book?

2 years ago, a tragic incident happened with Vignesh. He got completed shattered & heart-broken. Then he saw the trailer of the movie "Arth 2"

There was a dialogue in it which inspired him to write.


"Pehle shayad tumhare paas kehne ke liye kuch nahi tha. Magar ab tumhare paas woh cheez hai jo duniya ke har insaan ke paas hai - 'Dard'. Apna Dard Likho Aur Saari Duniya Tumhaare Saath Connect Kar Paayegi"


"Earlier maybe you didn't had anything to say. But now you have that one thing which everyone has - 'Pain' . Write Your Own Pain & The Whole World Will Connect With You"

This beautiful dialogue inspired him to convert his tragic story into a book.

Don't Worry.. Its a Happy Ending Story. Tragedy is just a part of the story. There's also Drama, Fighting Scenes, Dialogues & Suspense in it as well...

There's a Unique Idea mentioned in the story which has the potential to bring a good change in the world. I hope you all like my story. Love & Positive Vibes To All!!

Kindly post your reviews if you liked my book!!

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