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Which option will you choose? This question may be hypthetical.. But if you choose to walk away with a crore of Rupees.. It means now its time for you to understand more about power of compounding

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Sathish Kumar

About the Author: Sathish is the Founder for Creating Wealth Company and helped more than 1000 clients by increasing their Networth & Wealth through his Investment Advisory from Direct Equities | Stocks |Mutual Funds | PMS products. Sathish was into financial services industries like ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company and Citibank for 15 years till 2016 and he passionately helping people through his Investment Expertise though Creating Wealth Company since Jan 2017..

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Olivannan G25-Sep-2019 12:19:26
Thanks for your excellent advice in investments.

Sathish Kumar

Sir - Thank you, It makes me to feel great to get such a compliment. It was my delight and real pleasure to recommend best performing Mutual Fund schemes for you.
Keerthi17-Sep-2019 04:48:52
I read your book, it was interesting. What made you to become a wealth consultant ?and write about investments?

Sathish Kumar

Hi Keerthi - I am glad that you read my book - Untold Wealth Secrets .

What made me to become Financial Consultant - This is indeed a lengthy one to talk about.

Financial Literacy / Personal Finance is not being taught at our School / College. A good money practice is not being followed by majority of the folks.....I thought i would take a baby step towards giving the awareness on Personal Finances.

Also i am conducting free seminars and programs on Personal Finances ......Let me know if you are interested.
Such a simple book paving way for an easy understanding on financials . For s beginner like me this book is a boon I would say .

Najeeba Farheen

Exactly. It is very beneficial for beginners. Everybody has to have an understanding of finance and this books makes it easy for everybody.

Sathish Kumar

Hi Najeeba, Since Personal Finance is not being taught at our School / College, feedback like this will help me to write more articles, columns and book like this.
Olivannan G09-Aug-2019 05:53:33
Though I am a publisher of this book, yet as a reader immensely benefitted by the insights provided in the book. Thanks, Mr. Sathish

Sathish Kumar

It is indeed a pleasure to get a feedback from a person who is looking at this book at both from Investor point of view and as a Publisher. Thank you very much.
Sathish Kumar15-Nov-2019 04:42:42
Where to invest when the Stock Market is at Historical High?................... http://sathishspeaks.com/where-to-invest-when-the-stock-market-is-at-historical-high/
Sathish Kumar08-Nov-2019 11:33:06
MF Wealth Projection for Investors by 2024................ By clicking the link, here you will understand the how investors will benefit from MF Projected Growth for next 5 Years (FY 2024) http://sathishspeaks.com/mf-wealth-projection-for-investors-by-2024/
Sathish Kumar08-Nov-2019 11:31:47
Is Wealth Creation is a Simple Exercise? - Check out my Answer https://qr.ae/TW4wjk
Sathish Kumar30-Oct-2019 06:28:46
What if i say, Markets don't create wealth, but responsible investing do!
Sathish Kumar28-Oct-2019 01:36:41
Take Control of your Finances Avail - 20% Discount on my Book - Untold Wealth Secrets. Click the link & Change your Financial Life – Right Here, Right Now https://www.emeraldpublishers.com/buy-it-now/?id=4233 #untoldwealthsecrets
Sathish Kumar15-Oct-2019 05:24:06
How to Select a Best Financial Advisor? Click here and understand how can you make the investing simple and make your investment journey less stressful, more fun and successful? http://sathishspeaks.com/how-to-select-a-best-financial-advisor/
Sathish Kumar03-Oct-2019 01:43:39
Today's Financial Insight is - The 3 Times EMERGENCY FUND RULE.................. You must always own an emergency fund that's at least three times your current monthly income. That's the bare minimum. You can go up to six months and keep building if you feel the need to do so. This is up to you. This fund will keep you financially stable in emergencies such as loss of employment, urgent travel, repairs, etc.
Sathish Kumar19-Sep-2019 04:29:54
Are you Investing smartly during this Slowdown? Here you will understand - How to Choose Right Investment Strategy at Volatile Times? http://sathishspeaks.com/are-you-investing-smartly-during-this-slowdown/

Olivannan G

Well explained...
Sathish Kumar16-Sep-2019 02:14:37
What if i say, It is salary that does not make you Rich.....It is the Savings and Investments you do !

Olivannan G

Yes absolutely true. There is no use if river water is not checked and flows into sea. It has to be saved in dams and lakes to use it prudently throughout the year. Same applies to wealth also.

Sathish Kumar

Well said Olivannan Sir !!! Taking a Bow !
Sathish Kumar10-Sep-2019 09:47:57
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti66h55iCzE&t=21s What to do when the Equity Markets are volatile By – Sathish Kumar, Wealth Consultant | Author | Equity Fund Manager.

Olivannan G

Superb Mr. Sathish...

Sathish Kumar

Thank you sir......
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