Thooppukkaari Tranlated by Susan Roy and Hamlin

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Poovarasi, a young girl, fails to realize the reality behind her life as the daughter of a garbage gatherer. She falls in love with Mano, a literate and a little well to do person. The unexpressive love gets caged and locked up without even the gentle winds knowing of it. She dies every moment with her unquenched longings… The social novel reflects the pangs of the economically under privileged. The web of strains and struggles of the sweeper community is being spun through the moving story. The writer explores the varying manifold sets of different incidents through Poovarasi.

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Susan Roy

About the Author: Dr. Susan Roy is a college teacher by Profession hailing from Nagercoil, Kanyakumari district, the Southern tip of India..

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R. SAI RAJESWARI21-Jun-2020 09:36:02
I literally cried after reading the novel. I was able to visualize poovarasi lifting the leftover banana leaves and Maari cleaning the faeces. This novel created a great impact in my life. If I come across any "Thoopukaari" in my life, I swear I'll treat them as a fellow human being.And I can understand how painful it will be while people calling them using the term. I wish anyone should invent a machine to clean faeces like Maari wished her daughter to invent the machine. Through the translation, you brought their pain and sufferings to the light. I hope what they suffered so far will not repeat in future generations.
Janani T20-Jun-2020 01:49:06
Hello ma'am,
Translations make the readers realise that human emotions and experiences are similar across cultures. You have transcreated the work and has given a soul to your words. For most words you have found an equivalent in the target language. I would like to ask you a question that what has inspired you to translate this work in particular and what type of struggles you went through while translating?

Susan Roy

thanks for the comment. me and hamlin were much impressed reading the original, it spoke of the pangs of people doing odd job...we wanted to expose the hardcore reality... so we took it was very challenging to translate it...

Janani T

Thanks for sharing this ma'am. It's a great inspiration for me to take up some works to translate which will hit the reality and explore some new cultures indeed.
Harsha19-Jun-2020 07:21:39
This is an excellent writing.....This is a book translated from tamil to English and I can feel the struggles faced by the author to bring it's original essence....... This clearly shows raw picture of people who live at a very low place in a society......many incidents of real life is reflected by a female character Poovarasi

Susan Roy

yes, as you said it talks of the struggle faced by people who work in the lower strata of the society
A. Ramya19-Jun-2020 06:52:35
On account of this book, it is a true piece which shows the perfection in dialects, proverbs, intonation and diction used are excellent...... While reading each character we can feel pain faced by each and everyone of low level....It also tells sufferings, suppression and painful experiences of sweepers........ Thank you ma'am for presenting such book

Susan Roy

Thanks Ramya
C. Elakkieya28-May-2020 04:48:35
Hello mam this is really interesting novel which creates me the curiosity to read the whole now I read this only the sample of this is really amazing surely I will go through this book entirely.

Susan Roy

Plz do, you can buy it in emerald publishers page
Deepika carmel28-May-2020 04:35:57
Hi mam. I started reading this book just only because of my assignment.While when I started to select the book I found this book (Toopukkari) which was highly impressed me by its title and I selected this book for reading.The book really touched my heart. The book talks about the dalit literature and it really focused on women society how they work for their children's future.The book based on the women in kanyakumari and it shows the pain of her mother being a lower community women. And it shows the problems faced by the lower community people.

Susan Roy

yes, it is not the caste which is depicted, it is their labour...due to their labour, they are looked down an kept away from others.a very sad plight
JOSHILA DAVID J28-May-2020 12:48:25
This was a indeed a heart touching novel. It gives an opportunity for the readers to know the sad reality of the people who are suffering because of economic reasons. Unlike books that shows suffering of people because of caste, this book has given a different view. The portrayal of the pity state of women, who are the most vulnerable in the society is also shown in this book. Being a girl born in Kanyakumari, I was able to connect with the setting of the novel easily.

Susan Roy

Thanks for the comment
Jenefa Sweetlyn J28-May-2020 10:22:38
It was an excellent read ma'am. I loved the way you displayed the genuine qualities of love.
Is it even possible to see a mother like Kanakam in real life in south of TamilNadu ma'am? She says, ". Won’t my daughter have emotions of love like this? Why didn’t she fall in love with somebody". Lowkey I was amazed by the way you portrayed her.

Susan Roy

the portrayal was done by the author...we translated it in English,so the credit goes to the author for the emotions...we were able to do justice by translating it without deviating from the original
SHALINI. V27-May-2020 06:47:26
I really like the story, Mam. Especially i loved the way the beauty of the home town is expressed. What were your thoughts about naming the book 'Thooppukkaari'?

Susan Roy

The author has given the title as it refers to a sweeper as well as a stavanger,the protagonist's mother is a sweeper,the protagonist too becomes one.when we translated,we couldnt find an apt word for it,so we transliterated the title.we(susan roy&hamlin) felt this sounds better and so kept the same title,of the original text. Now the meaning remains intact...


Thank you, mam, for you clear explanation.
Rajalakshmi. N26-May-2020 10:05:14
The story is based on a woman in kanyakumari, who works in a school to clean the toilets. The author showed the pains of her mother of being a sanitary worker in this book. Though the book comes under dalit literature, it really focused on the women society how they work for their children's future. There are lot of people like her to be addressed to the world. This book really touched my heart.

Susan Roy

thanks mam, it is indeed a work which talks of the hardcore reality of the economically deprived community
Hazana Noorin.Z26-May-2020 07:33:31
The novel shows the class consciousness and the problems faced by a woman in the society. The novel shows the feminist point of view.

Susan Roy

yes, it is beautifully expressed
Nivetha26-May-2020 07:29:54
This Novel narrates the struggles faced by a lower class girl, who have seen her mother working as a sanitary worker. This book comes under dalit literature which focus on women society who had seeked for their children future. Here the book shows the pain, humiliation, struggles faced by her mother. This book is one of my heart touched book.

Susan Roy

thank you...indeed it is a heart touching novel

Jenefa Sweetlyn J

It was an excellent read ma'am. I was impressed by the way you displayed the genuine qualities of love.
Is it even possible to see a mother like Kanakam in south of Tamil Nadu, ma'am? She says, "Won’t my daughter have emotions of love like this? Why didn't she fall in love with somebody?"lowkey I am amused by her portrayal.
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