Thirukural Through Tales

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This book is an attempt to inculcate leadership, discipline, integrity and managerial thoughts to children through short stories inspired and based on ThirukkuraL Unlike academic books this book will help children to correlate the leamings and will help to find a solution with lots of wisdom and practicality. Thlrukkural Through Tales - What If that old monk named Thiruvalluvar returns back like a genie? What will he have to convey to the millennial kids? What if he is a friend to the gadget children? Come on! Start flipping the pages, for it's Thirukkural Through Tales!

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Kamalesh Subramanian

About the Author: Management professional with an interest to bring management rules from epics, granda ma stories in the form od short stories.

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Jenifer Stefi16-Sep-2019 04:20:21
Hello Sir!
I found your book really interesting and informative.
Are there more books like this for Children?
Akila02-Sep-2019 08:48:09
One of the finest works on Thirukkural, especially for the children

Olivannan G

Yes, I agree with you.


Sir pl send me a copy of your book..will pay you through gpay

Olivannan G

Please contact us at 98406 96574.....We shall send you immediately

Or email to
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