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The Providential Love

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Family,Fiction,Social Issues,Women Empowerment,Young Adults




The story revolves around the two central characters Aayushmaan and Kavya who are medical aspirants, preparing for the medical entrances. The protagonist is away from his family and struggling hard to grab a medical seat then his destiny makes him meet Kavya, who is also preparing for the same exam. They fall in love with each other, but every day is a new exam for the couple, the exam that the destiny gives. The book consists of seven chapters that show the struggle of the couple to make their love success. The author has beautifully described a very uncommon disease, “celiac disease” that would make the readers aware of it. Last chapter of the book, “The Resurrection” shows the war between love and destiny. The author smartly touches the reasons of failure of relationships due to misunderstandings and communication gaps. The author Prateek Prakash Karan is a student and an active blogger and believes in destiny that’s why he focussed on destiny and tried to connect the readers with his words.

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Prateek Prakash

About the Author: Prateek Prakash Karan has been a blogger for 5 years. He is a techie turned author. He was born on April 15, 1996, in a Kayastha Family of Samastipur, Bihar. He completed his basic education from Dayanand Anglo Vedic Public School Samastipur. He is basically a writer of English Accent. He is also involved in social services mainly related to inspire children. He has been a member of an N.G.O “Kartavya” an official N.G.O of Sharda University Greater Noida. He is a popular blogger and very famous on social media due to his sarcastic blogs and columns on facebook and twitter. When he joined college he realised that he is passionate about respecting readers and making a true connection with them, this he realised when his friends started appreciating him for his blogs and written piece of works in social media. He believes in destiny and luck that’s why he has taken this theme and tried to connect people with his words..

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