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This inspiring novel is about the quest of a psychologist who is happily married with two children to confront the childhood and teen abuse she experienced so she is able to overcome her weight fluctuations and low self-esteem.

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Dr. Jan Yager

About the Author: Dr. Jan Yager is an award-winning international author who has published 51 books which have been translated into 36 languages including French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, and Malayalam. Dr. Yager has a Ph.D. in sociology and an M.A. in criminal justice. Her books include these titles published by Emerald Publishing in India - THE PRETTY ONE (a noveL); THE VEGETABLE PASSION: A Controversial History of the Vegetarian State of Mind; HOW TO FINISH EVERYTHING YOU START (published by Jaico Books of Mumbai); WORK LESS, DO MORE: The 7-Day Productivity Makeover (Jaico Books); PUT MORE TIME ON YOUR SIDE, 2nd edtion (Better Yourself Book sof Mumbai), and others..

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