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Snow and Salt Water & Other Animal Stories

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If animals could speak, mankind would weep. -Anthony Douglas Williams

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Pushpa Kurup

About the Author: Industrywallah - Another rat in the rate race.

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Jyothis Anne George23-Jan-2020 03:01:00
Hi Ma'am, I read this book and found it to be interesting. The stories have been able to impart information and capture the attention as well.
Here is the review of the book
Snow and Salt Water and Other Animal Stories by Pushpa Kurup, is an ingenious work, presenting facts within stories. Writing from the perspective of the animal world, Kurup's book presents how humans are viewed, presenting a dichotomous image of man. Capturing the attention of children and others alike, Kurup has been successful in writing about the harmony that has to be maintained between man and nature.
Presenting the stories of various animals like camels, bears, cheetahs, tortoise and so on, the playful and witty tone has done it's work. The story is written as a conversation taking place between animals, were their plight and situation is explained, along with other facts such as their habitat, other relative species, food, situations with regard to human impact and so on By posing humans as caretakers and destroyers, the author calls for an act of change to conserve and preserve the animal species.

Pushpa Kurup

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked the book and the underlying message.

Olivannan G

Excellent review..
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