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  • Sharmila Karingula
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Ms. Sharmila Karingula is born and brought up in Telangana State, India. She has been awarded Master of Arts in Public Administration and L.L.B (Bachelor of law) by Osmania University, India; and completed legal program from New Jersey, USA. She practiced law in Telangana High Court from 1993 to 1996 and moved to New Zealand for three years, from 1996-1999.
In the year 1999, she moved to the United States of America and returned to India in the year 2017. On her return to India, she is placed as a “Senior Partner” of Chugh Consulting (India), LLP, Hyderabad, India.
She attended to enormous pro-bono work and actively volunteers in many non-profit organizations. Ms. Sharmila Karingula is married and blessed with three daughters. She possesses an artistic behavior. She loves travelling to new places, reading, writing, singing and painting.

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