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This is one of the books of QQ (Question Quotient) test, and you can see the entire list on my Amazon page. If you want to study any subject deeper or to innovate or invent something in/on a subject, you should be highly skilled in questioning on the same subject. In this book, you are going to study different types of questions on great personalities and learn the process of performing QQ test to increase your QQ (Question Quotient). If you are a student/professor/researcher/writer, you can advance your knowledge, intelligence, and creativity on great personalities extensively with the insights gained by the questions on great personalities. Not only are these general questions that can be used for learning and development purposes but also hypothetical questions that may generate the substances of puzzles, fictions, fun, poems, creative ideas, innovative designs, and supernatural visuals. In addition, it is one of the solutions that reduce the risk of a global recession and economic crisis as you may change everything in the world with abundant ground-breaking concepts related to the features of great personalities. Keep in mind that great questions can make great answers. Every revolution and development in the history of the world has evolved from revolutionary and creative questions made by various scholars. The more questions you can ask, the more inventions you can create or the more solutions you can find. This book is a great boon for students, teachers, candidates of competitive exams, business persons, designers, professionals, researchers, the persons who use personal assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, and visually impaired individuals who can improve their knowledge very faster with the form of questioning because they are unable to read a lot of content due to their visual imparity. It will become a great resource for all types of educational institutions whenever they prepare questions for the exams they conduct.

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S. A. Kader

About the Author: S.A. Kader, a research graduate from Annamalai University, has done an intensive research on creativity, imagination, and intelligence. Through his books, he teaches the power of creativity, imagination, and innovation in order to create an art of invention and innovation for the next stage of human evolution..

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