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Public Speaking Made Easy

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Emerald Publishers


Life Skills,Self Help,Self- Development,Speaking Skills




This book has been written purely based on my own experiences and with the objective of making and apprising the readers of all the nuances in public speaking and training. Instead of theories, sufficient number of anecdotes and some real life experiences make it's reading a pleasurable experience. This book gives a practical approach to learning and speaking skills. This book would immensely benefit aspiring speakers such as students, social activists, volunteers of non-governmental organizations, politicians, marketing personnel, junior level executives and all upwardly mobile people.

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Olivannan G

About the Author: Olivannan is an engineer with a post graduation in management runs his own publishing company. He served as Rotary District Governor with distinction. He is an acclaimed and most sought after speaker. He has addressed hundreds of meetings in and outside India. He is a great motivator, coach and has designed and conducted workshops for people at all levels. He has authored three books..

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SANDHIYA M27-May-2020 01:07:15
This book is very much useful for the budding orators and give lot of information and instructions to the beginners. This is amazing book and I enjoyed lot while reading this book.

Olivannan G

Thank you so much and I am glad to know that you enjoyed reading the book.
A Sivanathan24-Feb-2020 11:28:38
This book is very useful to Rotary members!
Renuka Gunasekaran19-Dec-2019 11:28:43
This book is good !

Olivannan G

Thank you so much
Devasena17-Dec-2019 04:53:16
Happy reading sir...
Gitanjalivisvajit21-Oct-2019 10:37:25
Hello sir I read your book it easy to understand and informative

Sumaiya Fathima

Indeed! Thank you for writing the book sir, it was very enlightening
Abi shankari11-Oct-2019 11:22:19
Lovely book intiative

Olivannan G

Thanks Abi
Arasi S.10-Oct-2019 06:09:32
How to have eye contact with the audience, if the speaker is made to stand in the one end of the stage? Sir, I do know that you have a style of walking the aisle while talking to the audience! I need suggestions.
Sumaiya Fathima21-Sep-2019 03:22:13
Sir very useful and it helped me in developing my speaking skills . Thank you

Olivannan G

Thank you so much
Devasena21-Sep-2019 03:18:51
Happy to read Sir..

Olivannan G

Thank you
PS Raveendran21-Sep-2019 02:39:09
Nice book for new comers who want master in public speaking

Olivannan G

Thank you so much
Nallini21-Sep-2019 02:37:45
Must read book!

Subathra Damodaran

I totally agree!

Olivannan G

Thank you all
Sanjeev P02-Sep-2019 08:49:48
Great Read

Olivannan G

Thank you
Arasi S.18-Aug-2019 11:23:31
Happy Morning!
J Sampath07-Aug-2019 10:22:33
Happy connecting...


Very nice book

Olivannan G

Thanks Ms Narmada
Olivannan G02-Sep-2019 04:18:35
A small skit played by young children at the time of launching of the book 'Public Speaking Made Easy', in 2016. https://youtu.be/4AtAk5eBq_0


Wow sir...thank you for the share...


Sir, reading books from a young age will be a good friend till the end ...

Olivannan G

yes, agreed.


Lovely The three children did their best It was enjoyable It was on spot

Olivannan G

Thanks, Anita for your comments. I am happy that you have enjoyed watching the skit.
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