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Awareness was the fi rst step; communities formerly deprived of cognisance of the fundamental fact that they are the pillars of the nation’s future, had to be awakened and their reluctance to change addressed. When a Prime Minister of a vast nation like India takes a personal interest in educating the masses, it is very diffi cult for the bureaucracy, the recalcitrant state educational boards and the nonperforming teaching and non-teaching staff in institutions across India to ignore the dictum. This book is about the most successful educational campaigns ever launched in India due to the personal interest and initiatives of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi .

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M S Saravanan

About the Author: MS Saravanan a versatile teacher is an innovative teaching, learning and leadership consultant. Writer and activist. He is an advocate of student-focused learning in all forms. Saravanan lectures educators and parents on student-focused learning, school success and character development. His areas of interest include primary education, teacher leadership, creativity and character development..

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Olivannan G16-Sep-2019 04:00:11
Dear Sir, I am truly amazed at the fact that how a busy person like you, the head of an institution, finds time to write books. We are so fortunate to publish your books through our publishing house.
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