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The anthology Poems of Madness is an attempt to recapture the painful moments of the poet's life during his traumatic condition. The philosophical views expressed in a condensed and concise language, a holistic attempt to delve deep into the concept of life. Life-fragmented is life-holistic. Elangovan's aesthetic perception, going very deep into the nuances of living experiences, tries to give the readers some introspection pertaining to the crises of modern life. The anthology is philosophical, perceptional and pervasive. The mind gets confused with clinical clarity with mindfulness of mind.What matters is the perception of mind, since mind is not a matter. Elangovan captures the ‘matterlessness’ of mind in this anthology.

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Dr. M. Elangovan

About the Author: Dr. M. Elangovan teaches English at Thiagarajar College, Madurai- 625009, Tamil Nadu. He is a bilingual writer. So far, he has published one collection of short stories titled "Viriya Thirantha Siragugal" and two anthologies of poems in Tamil- "Kazhumara Kavithaigal and Ezhutha Mudiya Haiku" and he has translated the didactic poetry of Avvaiyar titled "Moral Aesthetics". He has written some philosophical poems based on different philosophers of the world and the anthology is named as "Poems of Madness". The author is interested in writing critical notes and explanations for literary works. He has a keen interest to edit books for middle and tertiary level students. The most sought after area for the writer is that he wants to prove his mettle as a translator from English to Tamil and vice-versa. The author is also interested in writing books about modern critical theories of both the Eastern and the Western theories in Tamil and English..

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