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This book is on the short-lived but intense Jallikattu agitation that happened in January 2017. This book attempts provides what transpired, and furnishing on the protest through Tamil Nadu�s village and urban culture and this book speaks during the protests, and political participation and the alienation of the middle class.

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Swapna Sundar

About the Author: Swapna Sundar is CEO of IP Dome Strategy Advisors that provides Intellectual Property services and techno- legal strategy consultancy. She has authored �IP SMART WORKBOOK- the lab to market Guide to Investing� and a toolkit �The IP Smart Approach to Doing Business in India�, under a grant from the UK Intellectual Property Office..

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Sangeetha M20-Jun-2020 01:58:33
Good afternoon mam! Occupy Marina offers a comprehensive account of the Marina protests. It was very informative and helped me understand the different layers of the protest. I would like to know your perspective of certain things mam. How important do you think it is to document such protests mam? Generally, Nonfiction is not regarded as a popular genre in Indian Writing in English. Can you kindly illustrate on the importance of the genre. As a writer, do you think the genre will gain popularity among Indian readers in the future mam?
Jenifer Stefi13-Sep-2019 03:08:41
Hi ma'am.It was very useful reading your book. I personally came to know About each and every aspect of the protest with the relevant statistics. I am supposed to do an assignment and I've chosen a similar topic. Can you please me, where can I find the relevant statistics?

Swapna Sundar

I have included the links to the statistics in the book. If you require specific statistics, do let me know, and I can try to find the source for you.
Arasi S.18-Aug-2019 11:26:19
Good morning Swapna!
I was swept away by the deep study you have put in for the book...

Swapna Sundar

Thank you for your comment.

Swapna Sundar

Thank you for your comment.
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