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Everything in the universe belongs to opposite poles; Obama and Osama, anti-terrorism and terrorism, thesis and anti-thesis, good and evil, east and west, big and small, light and dark, and so on. Moreover, on account of similar functions and identifications, every living and non-living thing in the universe can be categorized as ten key structures such as anatomy, architecture, cluster, concept, design, force, fusion, institution, mechanism, and spectrum (This concept, related to ten structures, is based on my books “Great Genius” and “QQ”), and these ten types of structures can be classified into several other categories. If you are able to understand opposite poles on all these ten structures comprehensively and meticulously, you can combine these structures with some other things in order to create unlimited new ideas. In this book, opposite poles on ten types of structures are combined with ten major academic and scientific subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, engineering, arts, literature, medicine, business management, and psychology in order to create unlimited creative research topics for creating academic research, new educational systems, business and economic revolutions, new theories, devices, formulas, and scientific renaissances in every subject in the world, and for improving effective learning skill. Moreover, differences between Obama and Osama are also examined extensively in order to illustrate the research on two poles.

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S. A. Kader

About the Author: S.A. Kader, a research graduate from Annamalai University, has done an intensive research on creativity, imagination, and intelligence. Through his books, he teaches the power of creativity, imagination, and innovation in order to create an art of invention and innovation for the next stage of human evolution..

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