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Penning for Pleasure






Set in pre-independence India in Madras,steeped in history and tradition. Ranjini falls head over heels in love with the suave,fun loving Srini. Will society of that day and age accept a love match???

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Padmini Viswanathan

About the Author: Padmini has been living in Madras since her marriage in 1969. She has been writing for her personal pleasure since over40 years.She had articles published in various magazines. She lives in Besant Nagar with her husband..

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SAVITHA.S28-May-2020 06:40:34
Hi mam ,
As the name implies,is this an
SRI VIDHYA S26-May-2020 08:33:06
Added this to my wish list. Looking forward to read once the purchasing link is available
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