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'My First Flight' is a compilation of about 44 poems on varied topics such as love, nature, patriotism, family, social issues, and so on. An exquisite range of poems woven from life experiences, depths of gloom, pangs of love, peaks of happiness to those on social issues, patriotism, family, etc, 'My First Flight' is a rollercoaster of emotions.

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Khushbu Kirti

About the Author: Hi, I am freshly baked author/poet with my two poetry books namely MY FIRST FLIGHT and its sequel WIND IN MY WINGS. There's a total of 88 long poems in the collections through which I have tried to decipher life. Join me in this venture of unveiling life in its reality by reading my latest work, connecting to it and telling me how you related. I can assure you that there's a poem in there for everyone. Oh, also, I'm currently working on a couple of novels and poetry collections. Open to receiving any suggestions for the same..

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