Mind Gives Opportunity

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"Mind Gives Opportunity" is a book about the power of your thought and illusion and particularly with the use and application of thought to live a happy, beautiful and equanimous life. You can bring into your life, more powerful, wealthier, and healthier, more happiness and many more by learning or understanding the concept of spirituality and the great mind you have. This book will serve as a great guide if you wish to achieve something new in your life or a dream that was desolate due to some reason.

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Mukesh Kumar Shahi

About the Author: Mukesh Kumar Shahi' is an Indian Author. After the runway success of his first book "Mind Gives Opportunity", Mukesh kumar Shahi brings "Kohinoor in you" to become a modern writer. He is computer science graduate from the University of Delhi, Post graduate MBA (International Transportation and Logistics Management) from Indian Maritime University and currently working as Assistant Manager (Coastal Shipping), Government of Kerala Port Department. He love to teach and motivate people and a Best dreamer. He also loves fitness and marathon runner. In spite of that he is a Teacher, Speaker, Carrier Counsellor, Palm reader, Fitness and Nutrition Consultant. He is working as a business mentor and consultant too..

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