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L e s s o n s f r o m The Legends

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Emerald Publishers


Society & Economy


978 81 7966 426 1


This book is unique of its kind wherein the mighty minds from the remotest past, down to the living present have been endeavored to rediscover and redefine the secret of success with utmost dignity and principles. The target audience from 6 to 60 would definitely have a wonderful reading experience on the know–how of being human and human being in harmony with humanitarian aspects. This compilation is most appropriate for young readers who are able to appreciate the refreshing honesty of the author and the broad social implications which are still relevant to our society today.

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M S Saravanan

About the Author: MS Saravanan a versatile teacher is an innovative teaching, learning and leadership consultant. Writer and activist. He is an advocate of student-focused learning in all forms. Saravanan lectures educators and parents on student-focused learning, school success and character development. His areas of interest include primary education, teacher leadership, creativity and character development..

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arulaskm13-Sep-2019 07:01:39
Sir Is this book a story book? I'll buy your book and read it ... Thank you, sir

Olivannan G

Dear Sir, congratulations for publishing this wonderful book through us. We would be happy if a Tamil translation of the book is brought out soon.
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