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  • Indranil Mukherjee
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Indranil Mukherjee is a software professional-turned-novelist. After working for more than a quarter century along with colleagues across the globe, he has plunged full-time to pursuing his passion, writing. He has published three books till now, Re-Kill, a novelette; The Station Master, a collection of ten short stories based on real-life experiences of the eponymous Station Master, followed by a novel, titled Off the Pages, which is close to his heart and part-dedicated to his idol and favourite author, PG Wodehouse. All are available online as eBooks, of which The Station Master is also available as paperback in India, while Off the Pages is also available as paperback everywhere except India.
Indranil is married to Sanghamitra and they live in New Delhi, while their son, Ayoush, works in the US. He can be found at www.indranilmukherjee.com, where his website lives, awaiting updates on life, the universe, and everything.

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