IP Smart Workbook - The Lab to Market Guide to Inventing

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This book bridges the Lab to market gap for scientists and researchers who excel in their core areas. Swapna Sundar not only lucidly illustrates the concepts in Intellectual Property law, but also provides a step-by-step guide as to how an inventor can go about conceiving and implementing his invention so as to maximise its IP potential. The book draws from the rich experience of companies like Hyundai, Google and Amersham, and Indian agencies like URDIP and IMTECH, to elucidate strategies that leverage IP towards attainment of business goals and creation of a sustainable competitive advantage. The book goes beyond an analysis of abstract IP law, into a comprehensive and practical discussion of the role of IP in the techno-commercial space. The book provides a map that is easy to adopt in routine work schedules and research projects integrating data assimilation and creative data blending to generate monetisable IP. The inventors are provided with an understanding of how the market views their invention and how to comply with industry expectations.

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Swapna Sundar

About the Author: Swapna Sundar is CEO of IP Dome Strategy Advisors that provides Intellectual Property services and techno- legal strategy consultancy. She has authored �IP SMART WORKBOOK- the lab to market Guide to Investing� and a toolkit �The IP Smart Approach to Doing Business in India�, under a grant from the UK Intellectual Property Office..

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Olivannan G07-Oct-2019 12:43:59
An amazing work....a very useful book

Swapna Sundar

Thank you Sir.
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