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This book deals with the art of Leadership and prepares us to be a good leader.

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Olivannan G

About the Author: Olivannan is an engineer with a post graduation in management runs his own publishing company. He served as Rotary District Governor with distinction. He is an acclaimed and most sought after speaker. He has addressed hundreds of meetings in and outside India. He is a great motivator, coach and has designed and conducted workshops for people at all levels. He has authored three books..

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Braveen Kumar C28-Aug-2020 05:34:26
One time investment, a book written in a most simplified version. Amazed by the sets of life experiences the author had. Penny worth book to be looked upon. Also tasted the authenticity of our country.
Nitin Bilung28-Aug-2020 01:28:24
I really love reading inspirational books.
And Sir, this book of yours has motivated me a lot. Personally, feel that this book has shaped my life. The language used here is simple and understandable. The ideas highlighted in the book are very clear.
Thank You Sir...!
Arunesh Kumar27-Aug-2020 07:42:20
First of all, I liked the cartoons and its aptness. Found it very beneficial, an inspirational work to be appreciated, suits all kind of readers, nonetheless of age, everyone can essence out inspiring life through your work sir.
highly illustrative in content.
Jenish Joseph26-Aug-2020 07:41:28
Sir, I have read your book "Get Ready to Lead." The book covers many key and basic topics on leadership. Your style of worknis highly appreciated for the personal touch added to it by way of life examples. This makes the book all the more appealing. The language is simple and the ideas are explained vividly.

Jenish Joseph

Sorry for the typo. 'Style of writing is'
KATHAMBARI A20-Jun-2020 12:13:20
Hi sir, the title of the book made me to read it shares full of postivity in the readers mind with fabulous example and representation images and it also makes us to lead and reach our goal's in our life thanks for this encouragement through your writings sir
Lalruatmawia18-Jun-2020 07:38:53
The title of the book itself encourage the readers even after we turn the pages. Such a fabulous book, well done to the great Author.
G.poomani28-May-2020 08:22:41
"Get ready to lead " super title.I read the book so nice ,very important one goal sir.This book important to our improvement skills.This is useful for my goal sir.I read the book simple English written sir.This is most useful the reader. Fantastic book I had read your book then I am set my planning,goal decision to make it.such a great book.My Aim Writer sir. Your suggestion give me sir .Thank you so much sir.
Vijayalakshmi P D28-May-2020 06:49:33
I always love reading books especially novel,fictions... I chose this book book and it really a mere different experience to read such personality development books! I m gonna go further with more books under this genre! Thanks for the book sir.
Gayathridevi R28-May-2020 04:37:06
I m an introvert person who always thinks more before doing it..after reading this book I got a spark to face things..what ever the end my be!One of the fine books that and must read enhance leadership quality! Thanks for the book sir! :)
Angelin Ida I27-May-2020 01:12:33
The book is amazing and it's very useful for adults. The language is simple and motivating words which is needed for adults. Its a great inspiration to my life on to manage and to lead.
Swapna Dedun P26-May-2020 10:44:42
Get Ready to lead is for adults.It helps readers to set their goals and plans and also it make us ready to lead the world .Small examples create great impacts on the readers. Author convey the information, ideas , plans, disciplines through a small story and small real life examples... I'm Happy to read and now I got the idea to lead my life .The language is also simple ,clear and crisp and images used was also appropriate and it helps to understand the content more better.I learnt many new things and I got some new inspiration towards my life...

Olivannan G

Thank you very much for your kind words of appreciation for my book. Undoubtedly such words act as a perfect fuel to motivate me to write more. Regards.
SRI VIDHYA S26-May-2020 08:28:43
Fantastic destination for those who wish to inculcate leadership skills and use in productive way. Thank you for the warm words sir.

Olivannan G

Immensely thank you for purchasing my book. Pleased to note that you enjoyed reading it and reaped some benefits.
Ajas26-May-2020 08:07:20
Sir your book is so amazing and useful to me in many ways. It helps me to understand the way to set up goals


Sir not only that you have used simple language but with powerful and motivating words

Olivannan G

Thank you so much. I am glad that you enjoyed reading my book.
siddarth23-Dec-2019 07:02:36
sir i like your book,it is easy to get it

Olivannan G

Yes you can get it

Olivannan G

You may use the purchase option provided in this page...
Devasena02-Dec-2019 03:51:38
Happy to read sir
Devasena24-Nov-2019 04:24:38
Sir wonderful book on leadership skills..happy reading
Devasena04-Nov-2019 12:51:23
Sir eager to read...
Sanjjit S07-Oct-2019 08:55:08
Very interesting title Sir.. May I please know whether the book deals only with management strategies or also with tips for leadership in all spheres of life?

Olivannan G

Mr. Sanjjit, you are right. This book covers both basic management strategies and also tips for leadership... everything has been explained with simple examples and anecdotes.

Sanjjit S

Thank you Sir!
Vinitha Mohan27-Sep-2019 03:01:25
Waiting to read this book

Olivannan G

Thank you. I would be pleased to send you a copy.
Naveen R04-Sep-2019 01:34:58
Interesting.. Added this book to my wish list. Looking forward to read.

Olivannan G

Thank you
Akila02-Sep-2019 04:49:47
Great book, enjoyed reading

Olivannan G

Thanks Akila....share your experiences with others, please.
Arasi S.18-Aug-2019 03:20:00
The apt illustration with resemblance to its author in some places adds an extra pep to the book!

Olivannan G

Thank you so much and immensely value your comments
Damodaran10-Aug-2019 05:28:41
The title is very interesting. Looking forward to read the book.

Olivannan G

Oh that is wonderful.
Meenakumari10-Aug-2019 05:23:13
Good reading, I enjoyed

Olivannan G

Hello, Meena thanks for spending your time reading the book. Will you recommend it to others?
Syed Hassan10-Aug-2019 05:14:54
Great book. Interesting anectodes..

Olivannan G

Thanks Syed. I'm really pleased to know that you have read this book.
Najeeba Farheen10-Aug-2019 11:20:51
Wonderful book. Sir can you comment on the inspiration for writing this book? What was the impetus that drove to start the work?
Nallini08-Aug-2019 05:50:06
The book gives a good deal of information about preparing to lead... What are the challenges that a person may face while practicing these steps

Olivannan G

Thanks ....Do let me know if you find any interesting information in the book

Vinitha Mohan

Waiting to read this book

J Arulselvan

I actually

J Arulselvan

No please i will come and join shortly please. Excuse me
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