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This book comes with a new genre of 'management+fiction'. Unlike the academic management books, this book will help you to correlate the learnings with your real life situations and help you to equate to a solution with lots of practicality. At the end, you will have some lovely feathers stuck in your corporate hat.. feathers of wisdom.

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Kamalesh Subramanian

About the Author: Management professional with an interest to bring management rules from epics, granda ma stories in the form od short stories.

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PREETHI Y S28-May-2020 11:44:34
Hello Sir. I just read your book, "Feather in a CAP." I thoroughly loved how the story progressed through the mentor "Vedhachalam" himself a character in a story, narrating a story to make Vikram realize himself his odds. I loved the Story within a Story concept. This book made me realize that a true commitment and dedication is highly required till you achieve that particular goal, irrespective of myriad attempts.

Sir, I would like to appreciate your level of creativity to have brought in the Ancient legend, Shahjahan, narrating his trials in life to win the heart of his true love with sincere commitment and dedication.
As it is, Time travelling has always been an intriguing concept for lots of fellow readers and it was quite interesting throughout the process of reading this beautiful book.
I would definitely love to know, what inspired you behind this extravagant creativity.
Thank you Sir.
Ruth Miriam Varghese23-Jan-2020 02:33:05
Hello sir, I have read your book, ' Feather In A Cap'. I found your way of conveying the message through the use of legends, quite interesting. I had a good time reading your book.
Review of Feather in a C.A.P by Kamalesh Subramanian:
Feather in a C.A.P is a corporate management book written by Mr. Kamalesh Subramanian, a management professional with an interest to portray management rules through stories from epics and grandmother's tales.
Feather in a C.A.P tells the story of Vikram, who is under a corrective action plan, to improve his working skills. Vikram learn his lessons through the stories narrated by his boss and once upon a time mentor, Mr. Vedhachalam. The author brings out the necessary skill sets required in the modern corporate sector through the ancient Hindu legend of Vikramaditya and Vedhal.
The use of a familiar legend or story and the use of simple language to express the various performance skills required while working in a corporate firm makes the book readable and easily understandable.
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