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Book on research covering a wide range of topics--from choosing a topic to the viva voce.

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Joseph Dorairaj

About the Author: Joseph Dorairaj is a Professor of English at Gandhigram Rural University (GRI). He was the acting Vice-Chancellor of GRU during 2013-14 and was a Fulbrighter in 2014 and an EMINTE Visiting Scholar at KU, Leuven, Belgium in 2015. He has authored 04 books and edited 02 volumes. He is the Founder-Editor of Gandhigram Literary Review. He is an assessor for NAAC since 2010..

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V RAMACHANDRA BABU17-Jan-2020 12:26:51
I am V Ramachandra babu working in Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College pursuing Ph.D. in Dravidian University , Kuppam on the topic entitled " Transcendental and Romantic Elements in the select works of Ralph Waldo Emerson and K V Raghupathi : A Comparative Study".

Please guide me how to proceed further with your valuable inputs
Tanushree Vasu02-Dec-2019 10:48:04
Just got a copy of this book from emerald Publications. Seems like a good read.

Olivannan G

Great Tanu.... Please do let me know your comments


It's a good book for novice researchers and experienced teachers who are in Research Domain.

I hope every student of English Literature must go through it once .


I purchased this book in 43rd Book Fair @YMCA grounds, Chennai from Emeralds Publishers

Olivannan G

Thanks Mr Babu. Trust you enjoyed the fair.
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