Exploring the Scientist within You

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Exploring The Scientist within You: This book will help the readers for develop a clear path to making inventions with one�s own intelligence and efforts. It provides step by step guidance to young minds and transforms them into great inventors and scientist. This book would be a great asset for researchers, school and college students. The success of this book is not depending on its sales volumes, it lies on the rise of young scientist day by day. Definitely, You can be better than Albert Einstein or Thomas Alva Edison. Let us discover the Scientist within you now

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About the Author: Nagarajan, Chartered Engineer & Project Management Consultant, graduated as an Electrical Engineer from Arunai College of Engineering, Anna University, and post graduated in Project Management from Alagappa University. Nagarajan hails from an educated middle class family. He was inspired by his own inventions and began writing from his college days. He works around the globe in multi-diversified projects. In this book he shares his secrets of success so that others around the world can benefit from the lessons he learned.

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A R SOUNDERRAJAN22-Sep-2019 03:10:09
Sir, Sample pages please.


Dear Sir,

Thanks for your interest. Please contact the publisher for sample pages. Otherwise you can order the book online directly. The price of the Book is Rs.125 only which is affordable to everyone.


Ok,Sir.Thank you.
Sona13-Sep-2019 03:05:19
Hello Sir, I had a question while reading your book "EXPLORING THE SCIENTIST WITHIN YOU".
What captured your attention to write on this topic?


Dear reader, Thanks for your interest in reading the book -Intention of the topic is very simple -Great scientist like APJ Abdul Kalam, Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison inspire us and they are not shared their thought process which is captured in the Book very clearly.


Thank you Sir..
The book was useful to read
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