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Srinidhi Thanga Thirupathi

About the Author: The Author, Srinidhi Thanga Thirupathi, born at Tuticorin, a small town in Tamilnadu (India) started penning down her poems and short stories when she was eight. She had been an all-rounder throughout her school life. Be it dance, drama, drawing or singing, she was always one among the best. Being a lover of nature and science, she wrote her debut science fiction, Emberonium when she was sixteen. Her passion towards science made her a Biotech graduate and her interest towards business has made her pursue her Masters in Business Management. Her love for teaching and knowledge gathering has made her an entrepreneur running her own online academy, ‘Nithys Academy’ for one-on-one and group online classes. She now resides with her Mother, Father, and Sister at Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu. She is a strong willed person who believes in herself and rises up against all odds. She loves travelling around the world, and she enjoys adventures. As always, she says, “NEVER BEND YOUR THOUGHTS AND BURN YOUR DREAMS.”.

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Fathima s12-Mar-2020 10:59:26
The way the mystery is being resolved can't be expressed in words ma'am ... Amazing read!!
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