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From the Author of 'Version One And a Half (Version 1 1/2)' comes 'Diary from Heaven', story of ‘Arun’ and his struggle with addiction. Arun was a typical Indian boy, with big dreams. Music was his life; he was always hooked on. You could call him an ‘Eternal Junkie’ because if he was not high on drugs or alcohol, he was always lost in his high-speed thoughts. He always said that he could not control his thoughts and that his brain was like a ‘Railway Track’ on which the ‘Bullet Train’ of his thoughts ran uncontrolled... This is his story.

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Jasveer Singh Dangi

About the Author: Jasveer is a trainer, and award-winning health and safety professional. He loves the outdoors and is a big movie buff. His first book ‘VERSION 1 ½’ was published in Sept 2018 and his second book ‘DIARY FROM HEAVEN’ was published in Jan 2019. He writes his stories inspired by everyday situations..

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