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Bitter Punishments and Better Punishments

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This book is a comparative study on Gita Hariharan’s When Dreams Travel with different genres of literature belongs to different authors around the world. The work is divided into four chapters. The first chapter, “Introduction” provides a brief interpretation on the development of English Literature and Indo-Anglican Literature as well as the growth of novel form in the Indian soil. It also aims to express the concept of Gita Hariharan and her literary achievements. This chapter intends to provide a short description of the analysis which is going to be carried out in the making of the work. The second chapter, “Bitter punishments to soft fleshes” expresses the predicaments of women and how they are bitterly punished by the men for no reason in Gita Hariharan’s novel and its similarities with other works taken for comparative study. The third chapter, “Better punishments for hard fleshes” conveys the similarities of the dreams of Gita Hariharan who provide better punishments deserved by the men for their sins. Punishments she suggests to male characters have similarities with the punishments mentioned in Garuda Purana for the entire mankind. Some of the settings, ideas and concepts deal by Gita Hariharan has similarities with concept of other writers who belong to Western and Eastern literary world. The fourth chapter, “Conclusion” presents the vignette of ideas going to be discussed in the entire research work. The concept of bringing out this comparative study is to show how the ideas and themes of writers belong to different locales have similarities with the thought creation between each other. Especially, Gita Hariharan’s When Dreams Travel is compared with the works of writers belong to different genres and different periods.

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Balaji M

About the Author: M. Balaji is a lover of English literary research and penning English poetry, leading life enthusiastically with more dreams and has been achieving them one by one. He has already published a book called Professional Ethics for Engineers and met the world renowned Indian English poet Arundhathi Subramaniam for two times. He has got reviews from her for his research works and for his unpublished poetry collection. His marriage life especially his wife brought a change in him and found his creative and analytical ability in English literature. His life has more struggles but he is enjoying them and dismantling them everyday. Literary research in English is his hobby as well as his passion . He is nearing his dreams successfully day by day .....

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