Anita: End of a Beginning

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White Falcon Publication


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When Anita, a Scottish girl, is adopted by an Indian couple who have recently moved to Edinburgh, it seems that nothing can go wrong, not when her new home is so full of love. Her adopted family feel confident that Anita will be able to live a perfect Scottish life in an Indian household. Yet even though Anita is able to experience the best of both worlds with her new family, being different isn’t always easy, and when she tries to fit in with those around her, everything begins to spin out of control.

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Renuka Guru

About the Author: Renuka Guru is a writer and an illustrator. With an MA in English Literature, she taught Business English at Engineering and MBA colleges for eight years. She later moved to the UK, along with her husband and son, where she stayed for five years and started to write her debut novel, Anita: End of a Beginning. Born and raised in the beautiful hills of Nilgiris, she presently resides in Pune, India, with her husband and two sons. She is passionate about writing, particularly when it comes to themes that delve into human nature, and she focuses on what makes a person tick. Deeply rooted in the ancient Indian philosophy, she finds human nature and its variegation intriguing. Her debut novel is an expression of her own search into the realities of life..

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Ajolin L. Robert27-May-2020 08:09:33
This book was really interesting. Loved reading it.
Devasena02-Nov-2019 05:19:54
Sounds interesting ma'am.. Looking forward to read it.. Please let me know when it is getting published....

Renuka Guru

Thank you! The book is already available on pre-orders in Amazon . Please check it out.

Book Club India

Book Club India offers to review your book in our monthly meetings held in Chennai . Please send us a copy if you are interested to get a review you for your book.

Renuka Guru

I am interested! Please let me know how I can reach the book to you? Also do share with me your book club page in Facebook or any other platform.

Book Club India

Please send it to
15a First Floor
Casa Major Road
Chennai 600 008
Tamil Nadu

Renuka Guru

I will send the book. Please share your review with me when done.


This book is something different which I have read. The culture different and anita a Scottish girl is adopted by an Indian couple and after adaption her life shows the cross cultural this story based on her upbring. This story is very good and different
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