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A 42 Gun Salute is about a youngman, who from his boyhood days cherishes an ambition for a uniformed services career. After his education, ignoring many lucrative jobs, he joins Indian Army as an officer. In his opinion, there is no room for anything wrong in the Services. But, he is very much disappointed with the state of affairs there.

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About the Author: Hails from Ramanathapuram, Ramnad Dt.Worked in the Local Fund Audit Dept. of TamilNadu .After retiring as a Joint Director , now living in Chennai . Has authored seven novels , five in Tamil and two in English.Has plans to write some more novels..

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Joseph broonov31-Dec-2019 03:25:36
Joseph J Broonov
Loyola College


A 42 gun salute is an approximate 300 page novel. Now analysing this, it is not a very complicated story or a novel that's filled with gasping plots. It is a pretty simple plot which reminds us of a typical human life in an Indian society. At some point, the anxious expectation we usually get from reading certain novels which typically have a lot of plot twists disappeared by the course of a 100 pages. It was all a bed of roses. But for some reason it didn't feel very monotonous although I felt like there were a lot of fillers. It all felt realistic and unrealistic at the same time, the English was a little off but he made up for it, but it did have a lot of loopholes. So on the whole, it is a good read for one time.
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